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November 2, 2010


got a lot of things to sort out and need more material and/or contributors in the meanwhile.

starting back up again is tbd


I know I know

October 20, 2010

no updates recently due to a large amount of very small things

back to what passes for regularity soon


These pretty much sum everything up.

October 12, 2010

Beiber/Kesha/rap/hiphop/country/christian fans can go fuck yourselves, thanks


Linksys and you

October 10, 2010

or, and me.

This is my third linksys router.  This will be the third one I’m throwing the fuck out the window.

I have to choose between using my tv service’s on demand, get on xbox live (cruddychicken06 for those who have live) OR using the compoootors.

fail.  new router must be acquired.


alright already

October 9, 2010

I know I said “we’re back” and followed that up rather promptly with absolutely nothing.

Technical issues resolved so’s I’ll get some post spamming under mah belt and appease the ignorant masses.



Back from the dead (yet again)

October 3, 2010

Yup, new processor, power supply and motherboard and we’re once more back in business…..


Site news

September 27, 2010

Yeah, so I replaced my quad core, then had to replace my psu, and now….I’m in need of a new mobo.

Site updates will be sporadic and mostly rely on submissions kthnx